The Club has a Fit Kit which is available for all members to utilise.  Members can be fitted to their current bike, or alternatively be sized correctly for another bike.

The Fit Kit is a collection of precision measuring tools and tables developed over 20 years of research using a wide cross section of bike riders, from recreational to elite level.  The Kit obtains a cyclist’s body measurements and personal information including age range and flexibility.  This information is then used to determine the three main contact points with your bike: the pedals, the saddle and the handlebars.

This information is not only used to fit you to your bike but can also be used effectively to solve common problems such as stress or discomfort that may be caused by incorrect riding positions.

This is a service for those who:

  • would like their bikes set up, or
  • are planning to buy another bike and would like a size

Members can arrange a fitting appointment by emailing