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M2BRT = Mary to Bay Trail. FCBUG = Fraser Coast Bicycle Users Group

FCRC = Fraser Coast Regional Council DTMR = Dept Transport and Main Roads

Overview of M2BRT

A FCBUG initiative (from 2004) with support from FCRC and DTMR




FCRC has allocated $20,000 from their budget for 2023-24 financial year for improvements to M2BRT.  It has now arrived and been lodged in our account.

They have also approved an additional $30k from the sale of a bequest, and in the 2024-25 budget, are considering a further grant of $25k for each of the next three years, for improvements to trail surface and amentities.

Click here for the details.

The last bi-monthly M2BRT Advisory Committee meeting  was held on 9 November 2023 and a number of issues were considered. The next Advisory Committee meeting falls on 8 February and there’s a hefty agenda of items to be discussed.  Negotiations are underway to make the minutes of these meetings public, on this site.

The incursion onto our community recreational Trail between the medical precincts at Urraween is complete, with questionable signage.


Fraser McDonald has produced an excellent short promotional video of our Rail Trail.  This is a great tool to inform everyone of the many opportunities our recreational Rail Trail presents.  Click here to view.

Fraser then went on, over several weeks, to create a 6 minute documentary about the Mary2Bay Rail Trail, which is also public on Youtube. Show me!

Now, as icing on the cake, Fraser has also provided FCBUG with our own YouTube channel, raising the Group’s professional profile.  Be sure to subscribe to the Channel and like it as well.

Another good movie, featuring local talent and nearby Rail Trails has been made by Andrew Demack from Bicycle Queensland. Very inspiring for growing regions, share with your local Councillor. Click! 

As with any good news, share these videos far and wide. Loads of effort has gone into their production to highlight the value of our Rail Trail, as well as the economic benefits for both cities.


5 November          Rotary Club of Maryborough – Sunrise  hosted their inaugural CROW (Cycle Run Or Walk) event on the Rail  Trail.  It was a fundraiser for ending Polio and commenced at Churchill Mine Rd Trail Head for a 10km out and back circuit.  Many volunteers, including FCBUG ones, helped make the day a resouding success, so it’s on repeat for next year.

17 December      Giant Hervey Bay were running a Bay to Beers social ride, co-hosted by Plumbcall and  FCBUG.   It was to be  mostly off-road courses, leaving from Bill Fraser Park, Torquay. Sadly, fires around Walligan and the planned route put an end to the event, public safety being a priority.  On the bright side, the event will run again and the rain has almost restored the burned sections.  Watch this space.

Monday 19 February        9am Rendezvous at Churchill Mine Rd Trail Head.  Riders from Maryborough and Hervey Bay converge along the Trail from respective towns, bringing morning tea to share and chat.  Maryborough riders will meet at Walker Street Trail Head, Maryborough at 7am and Bay riders will gather at Big Whale, Pialba at 6am.  Bring a mate – explore and share the fun, highlighting the opportunities a community recreation Trail offers.  Those wishing to drive (HB 35.4km) (Mbo 21km) can follow Google Maps to the destination.


 February Report

FIELD WORK.   Ken McDonald and Dennis Johnson

  •  Intermittent rain in Dec and Jan allowed some work to be done.
  •  Concreting Geohex across both Bridges 6 and 5 mean they are complete.
  •  70 trees were planted at Takura section 2 beside Koppers. Tina Raveneau and Cassy Ironside helped us.  Watering has now ceased.  Some mowing has been done.
  • Some weed control and mowing at Takura section 1 and 2 took place.
  •   Thanks Dennis & Lorna, Phil Edwards, Ross Collins, Kevin & Diane Anderson, David Lightbody, Martin Grant, Bob Webley, Wayne Stark, Mike & Jen A., Max & Cathy V.

WORK PLAN – Short term.  Ken and Dennis.

  •   Small maintenance jobs. Mostly planning. Need a break in hot humid wet weather. Plan to break the back of the 11km in 2024. We have planning work to do with the new funding.


  •   FCRC has approved further work by Council staff in devising a “diversion solution” around the Colton Mine Lease. This is expected to take some months.
  •   The Working Group set up to develop a cost-effective crossing solution for the RT through Stockyard and Black Swamp Creeks is expected to have two low cost recommendations to take to the next Advisory Committee meeting scheduled for 8 February 2024.
  •   FCRC have approved $30k to FCBUG for expenditure through to 30 June 2025 and list for consideration in the 2024/25 FCRC budget the funding of a 3 year agreement with the FCBUG for $25K per year to be funded from general revenue. The FCRC have also agreed to actively pursue grant funding opportunities in relation to the RT project.
  •  Safety issues at the Anne Street crossing and the crossing at the medical precinct adjacent to Urraween Road, to be discussed at the next AC meeting.


  •    A Rail Trail visitor’s book will be left at The Depot next Wednesday at 9am all going well. The event will provide good publicity material for a range of media.
  •  Following the successful Gaming Fund Grant which used the phrase  “Mary2Bay RailTrail Discussion Group- A Community Recreation Trail” the header for the FB Discussion Group has been changed to this to better reflect and  further foster the wide ranging community use of the Rail Trail.
  •  The Facebook Rail Trail Discussion group has reached 3,937 … 4,000 soon. This is exciting.

FUNDING.  Mike Allsopp and Ken McDonald

  •  Current funds available are a bit over $24,000.  $16k additional funds have been committed by DTMR for bridge bypass work. We have now been advised that Gambling Fund Grant application for $31,672 has been approved. Documentation to enter agreement and receive the funding is expected by mid Feb. Negotiations to be held with DTMR regarding the availability and use of $16k they committed to the project.


  • Occasional motor bike riders who disregard signs and coaching are an ongoing challenge.
  • There is increased usage by riders, walkers and runners. Thanks for all the volunteers’ work.

If you would like to discuss any issues, contact one of the people below.

Ken McDonald. 0419 664 258                                  Max Voigt 0400 490 566                           Dave McLeod 0439 532 737


December Report

FIELD WORK          Ken McDonald and Dennis Johnson

  • • Some rain that settled the trail,  helped good progress in the field
  • • Concreting aprons of 5 culverts completed at bridges 4 and 5.
  • • 12 “Thank You” signs erected at 3 track crossings of the Rail Trail west of Takura.
  • •  Extension of Geohex with crusher dust and cement has completed Bridge 6.
  • •  5 Signs from DTMR erected on the fenceline warning RT users about the Shooting Range
  • •  The phantom motor mower people mowed Takura … again

•  Thanks Dennis, Lorna, Phil E. Ross C. Kevin A. David L. Martin G.   Bob W. Wayne S. Mike and Jen.

WORK PLAN Short term        Ken and Dennis.

  • • Focus is on the Bridge 5 Geohex construction.
  • • 60 more trees planted at new area of Takura on 1 December


  • Two special AC meetings were called at short notice during the month to meet with the Directors of the New Colton Mine Pty Ltd to discuss and agree a solution to navigate the RT through/around the Colton Mine lease. Hopefully, the AC will be able to recommend a solution in the next two months. Ken, Max and Dave involved.
  • The Working Group, set up to develop a cost-effective crossing solution for the RT through Stockyard Creek and Black Swamp Creek, is expected to have a second meeting in December on the receipt of an Environmental Impact Statement from the DTMR. Positive progress, albeit slow, is being made. Ken, Dennis & Mike directly involved.
  • At the request of FCRC,  the Project Team  submitted a budget of $23K for the 2024/25 financial year to fund trail development work & a shelter at the Churchill Mines Trail Head.

EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION       Dave McLeod, Ambassador

  • •  Volunteer support for  Rotary CROW  event held at Churchill  Mines Road  Trailhead  was appreciated. Thanks to Dave McL. Max and Cathy V., Jen A., and Bob W.
  • •  Jen Allsopp redrafted an excellent new Rail Trail brochure for the Depot and Info Centres etc. Thanks to Fraser Coast Tourism & Events for colour copying.
  • •  Another successful FCBUG/M2BRT stall was held at the Hundy Expo weekend, thanks to Hervey Bay Tri Club and Giant for allocating the space.
  • •  M2BRT Facebook Discussion Group now has 3,765 members


  • • Occasional motor bike  riders completely  disregard signs and  coaching  is an ongoing challenge.  Two “Thank You” were removed from 2 of the 12 posts erected.
  • • There is increased rail trail usage  by  riders, walkers and runners.

If you would like to discuss any issues, contact one of the people below.

Ken McDonald. 0419 664 258                                  Max Voigt 0400 490 566                           Dave McLeod 0439 532 737