Mary2Bay Rail Trail Home


M2BRT = Mary to Bay Rail Trail.     

FCBUG = Fraser Coast Bicycle Users Group

FCRC = Fraser Coast Regional Council

DTMR = Dept Transport and Main Roads



Overview of M2BRT

A FCBUG initiative (from 2004) with support from FCRC and DTMR




FCRC has allocated $20,000 from their budget for 2023-24 financial year for improvements to M2BRT.

Further,  an additional $30k has been approved, and in the 2024-25 budget, Council are considering a further grant of $25k for each of the next three years, for improvements to trail surface and amentities.

Click here for the details.

At the last Advisory Committee meeting  on 11 April 2024, a commitment was made to proceed to implement the plan for interim crossings at both Stockyard and Black Swamp Creeks.  DTMR committed to fund up to $100,00 for the work to be completed.   

Negotiations are underway to add the minutes of these meetings on this site. 

On March 8, Bicycle Queensland’s Andrew Demack and Alton Twine met with FCBUG members and later, with FCRC Council delegates.  They were provided with lots of information about signs and lines needed around town, and improvements needed for our cycling infrasructure generally. Our thanks to BQ for including our Club in their tour, also for the BQ gazebo and sign they donated.  Click here for the summary.


Fraser McDonald has produced an excellent short promotional video of our Rail Trail.  This is a great tool to inform everyone of the many opportunities our recreational Rail Trail presents.  Click here to view.

Fraser then went on, over several weeks, to create a 6 minute documentary about the Mary2Bay Rail Trail, which is also public on Youtube. Show me!

Now, as icing on the cake, Fraser has also provided FCBUG with our own YouTube channel, raising the Group’s professional profile.  Be sure to subscribe to the Channel and like it as well.

Another good movie, featuring local talent and nearby Rail Trails has been made by Andrew Demack from Bicycle Queensland. Very inspiring for growing regions, share with your local Councillor. Click! 

As with any good news, share these videos far and wide. Loads of effort has gone into their production to highlight the value of our Rail Trail, as well as the economic benefits for both cities.


5 November 2023         Rotary Club of Maryborough – Sunrise  hosted their inaugural CROW (Cycle Run Or Walk) event on the Rail  Trail.  It was a fundraiser for ending Polio and commenced at Churchill Mine Rd Trail Head for a 10km out and back circuit.  Many volunteers, including FCBUG ones, helped make the day a resouding success, so it’s on repeat for next year.

17 December 2023     Giant Hervey Bay were running a Bay to Beers social ride, co-hosted by Plumbcall and  FCBUG.   It was to be  mostly off-road courses, leaving from Bill Fraser Park, Torquay. Sadly, fires around Walligan and the planned route put an end to the event, public safety being a priority.  On the bright side, the event will run again and the rain has almost restored the burned sections.  Watch this space.

19 February  2024     A Rendezvous occurred at Churchill Mine Rd Trail Head.  Riders from Maryborough and Hervey Bay converged on the Trail from respective towns, for a gathering. Several others drove there. Drinks and cake were provided by Ken, Aaron from FCRC Communications Team covered the event with photos and a drone.  More such events will occur down the Track.  Thanks to Wayne and Paul for co-ordinating it.



  4 June 2024

  1. FIELD WORK. Ken McDonald and Dennis Johnson. 
  •  Intermittent showers slowed our work.  The RT is drying out now and bikes reign again
  • Except for Bridges 2 to 4, the rest of the RT was levelled with Steve Neilsen’s bobcat
  • All except the western end were trimmed for overhanging trees and branches
  • Some small maintenance earthworks were done at Bridge 6
  • Thanks to Bob W; Wayne S; Dave McL; Ivan B; Martin G; Dennis J; Kevin A; Max V; Mike and Jen A.
  1. WORK PLAN – Short term. Ken and Dennis.
  • 2 pallets of Geohex are expected any day now.     We plan to Geohex and concrete Bridges 2 and 3 gullies soon; extend at Bridge 6 over the 2 pipes and start Bridge 4 at the eastern end.
  • A submersible pump has been purchased to lower the water at Bridge 3. It will have more use
  • We plan to get the RT slashed to cut the long grass that is going beserk !
  • Discussions continued with the Moonaboola Aboriginal Corp (MAC) to organise Indigenous Trainees to see if they can help us on gully crossings.  This is going well.
  • After the FCRC elections, Councillors appointed to the RT Advisory Committee (AC) are George Seymor (Chair), Paul Truscott and Lachlan Cosgrove. Having the Mayor and Deputy Mayor in the Committee is a stronger Council representation to previously.
  • The AC’s working group involved in the development of an interim solution (based on FCBUG recommendation) for Stockyard Creek and Black Swamp Creek is making positive progress with the next meeting planned this week. Hopefully the final design will be signed off.  Funding for this project has been committed from DTMR.
  • The FCRC & DTMR are working with Colton Mining to develop a “northern option” for a deviation around the mining lease. This is FCBUG’s preferred option consistent with the Halliburton Report.
  • The next AC meeting is scheduled for 27 June 2024
  • Due to an oversight by DTMR, we have recently been told the mining company have the right of access on the RT west of Churchill Mines Rd. They rarely use this access.
  • Members of Face Book page is now just over 4,000
  1. MONEY. Mike Allsopp and Ken McD.
  • Total   grant  funds  available  is  now  over  $70,000  after  the  2  pallets  of  Geohex  and  some smaller items were purchased recently.
  • Thanks to Paul Neeskens and Paul Spargo with help to pay Vendors in advance.   This seems to work well and makes future reconciliations and auditing easier.
  1. OTHER.
  • Dave McLeod and Ken did some conceptual designs for Storyboards not due until 2025.

If you would like to discuss and issues, contact one of the people below.

Ken McDonald. 0419 664 258          Max Voigt 0400 490 566         Dave McLeod 0439 532 737