Club Ride

Club Ride

New riders and potential members are very welcome at any Saturday ride.

To be compliant with the Club’s insurance policy, as a guest rider, please register with the Ride Co-ordinator before the start of the ride. Until you become a member, you will need to do this each time you ride.

All riders are required to have their bike in good working order and carry their own repair equipment.

Club Introduction and Training Group to be conducted by an experienced Club Member in a safe environment as required.

Ride 1

18 to 19 kph flat ride speed.

Club Introduction and Training Group.

Ride 2

22 to 24 kph flat ride speed.

Ride 3

25 to 26 kph flat ride speed.

Ride 4

26 to 27 kph flat ride speed.

Ride 5

27 to 28 kph flat ride speed.

Ride 6

29 to 30 kph flat ride speed.

Ride 7

Above 31 kph flat ride speed to be determined by Group 7 members on the day. **

* Later 6.30 am start 1st Saturday in April to last Saturday in August inclusive.

**Group 7 can depart at 5:30 am during the Summer months as the rides can be longer

*** All rides (including Group 7) must have a leader and a sweep.

**** Check out the FCBUG Strava Club here: